The Inuit people used kayaks centuries ago and as part of their training they used balance boards. These boards consisted of a main plank and curved boards at each end allowing the user to rock from side to side much like a cradle. This device helped in balance training that would be necessary before using a kayak in the frigid arctic waters.

In 2011 we designed a modern Kayak Balance Trainer (KBT) to facilitate balance training and core muscle development necessary for kayaking. The KBT has a padded contour seat and adjustable foot braces on a frame that rocks from side to side. In addition we have a paddle connected with ropes through pulleys to a generator that converts the paddling stroke to 12Vdc electric power. There is a 12V accessory outlet so different 12V devices may be plugged in to supply a paddling load. Use small wattage devices or no device for light workout up through higher wattage devices for a more strenuous workout. The KBT comes with a small fan to provide a light and breezy workout. A meter provides a means of monitoring speed and may be used to monitor daily progress as the training continues. The small physical size of the KBT lends itself to usage in small spaces and its light weight enables the trainer to be put away while not in use. The quiet operation allows the trainer to be used while watching television or carrying on a conversation.

In 2012 we introduced a dynamic variable load to set the pulling force and an optional straight-stable non-rocking base in addition to the rocker-base. We produce trainers in two finishes: light honey oak or dark walnut.

In 2013 we incorporated a larger sturdy footplate and a swivel seat to facilitate proper rotation and leg drive. A power meter was added to measure your power output and help in your training progress. These features are provided in a classic wooden design that blends in with your home furnishings at an affordable price. Start developing that extra 10% speed to keep up or lead the pack in your next paddle season.

For 2014 we introduced a wall mounted paddle trainer, the Wall Paddler. This design is suitable for SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), kayak or canoe training. This is the smallest and simplest paddle trainer available. Weighing only 22 pounds it remains mounted to the wall when not in use and in use the operator either stands or sits in front of the device and paddles. An assembled wall paddle trainer or plans to build one may be purchased.

For 2016 we introduce an updated Kayak Balance Trainer. The trend in the last few years with Fitbit, GoogleFit and Apple watches has been to use electronics to monitor the exercise we are doing. Our upgrade monitors paddlers performance criteria such as cadence (SPM), speed, distance, exercise duration, power generated and calories expended while using the KBT to develop and maintain your upper body strength. The new electronics also incorporates 15 resistance levels to simulate flat water paddling and two dynamic resistance levels to simulate the challenging sea states found on open waters.