Kayak Trainer

Kayak Balance Trainer (KBT)

Kayak Trainer

Kayak Trainer Paddler
Length: 48 to 64 inch Height: to 6.5 ft (198 cm)
Width: 16 inch Weight: up to 300 lb
Height: 19 inch
Weight: 25 lb
Frame: Finished Cedar/Oak Wood
Paddle Shaft: Ash/Poplar wood 70inch (178 cm) or custom length
Seat: Padded Contoured Seat 10 inch (25cm) wide
Foot Brace: Adjustable wood slider 18 inch (34cm) adjust
Rope: Double Braided Dacron 5/16 inch (8mm)
Pulleys: Low Friction Blocks Marine pulley
Rollers: Durable Polyurethane 3” (7.6cm) Capstan Spool
Power Meter: Power (Watts), Cadence (Strokes / Minute), Energy (Calories), Time (Min : Sec), Speed (MPH), Distance (Miles)
Load Setting: Corresponds to 20W – 300W pulling force

Stain Options
Honey Maple Stain (Light) as shown or Mahogany Stain (Dark) Options

Base has slight rocker to safely simulate kayak rolling motion.
Kayak Trainer Base

Seat swivels for proper leg drive.
Kayak Trainer Seat

Performance Monitor to display paddling statistics and set resistance levels.
Kayak Trainer Performance Monitor

Loosen three star knobs to adjust the foot brace length so knees are slightly bent. With the Foot Brace fully retracted, the unit is less than four feet long
and can be transported in the back seat of a small car.
Kayak Trainer Foot Brace

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